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The Library is managed using ALEPH
(Italian Association of Aleph Users)
ICAU (International Association of Aleph Users)


The Library is part of the Integrated Documentary System of the Florentine Area - Sistema Documentario Integrato dell'Area Fiorentina (SDIAF) and of
Libri In Rete (LIR)

The online catalogue gives access to the full holdings of the Library of the Accademia della Crusca (approx. 122.000 volumes), the publications that are currently in preparation and those being purchased, and the index of 21 Italian journals of Linguistics.

Number of bibliographic records as of 1st July 2008: 76.430 monographs and periodicals, 23.605 journal indices.

For works up to 1992 it is also possible to consult a paper catalogue ordered alphabetically by author and subject, which also contains published periodicals, a catalogue of the Incunabula and of volumes published in the 16th century, a microfilm catalogue and a topographical catalogue.

The Library Catalogue
Rules for Users
The History of the Library
Incunabula (in Italian)
Notices (in Italian)
Useful Addresses
The Library's Book Acquisitions (in Italian)
Books Donated by Publishers (in Italian)
Library Projects (in Italian)
List of Double Issues (in Italian)
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