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A Short History of the Archive

The original core of archive documents, dating back to its foundation in 1583, was moved to the Biblioteca Magliabechiana (Magliabechian Library) in 1783, following a Rescript of the King which decreed that the Crusca be amalgamated with the Accademia Fiorentina (Florentine Academy). After the reopening of the Accademia all the documents produced were orderly and precisely preserved and around the middle of the 19th century the process of retrieving the material still kept at the Biblioteca Magliabechiana began.

Nonetheless, the many changes to the site of the Accademia (from the premises in Piazza de’ Peruzzi, to the Convent of S. Spirito, the Medici Riccardi Palace, the S. Marco convent, and Palazzo de’ Giudici) have led to the dispersion and loss of material over the years. It is thanks to the work of Severina Parodi over a more than thirty year period, beginning in the 1970s, that the material has been reunited, ordered and partly catalogued; Severina Parodi also oversaw its transfer to the new and present site of the Villa Medicea of Castello, completed in 1974.

In the last thirty years the Archive of the Accademia has been enriched by precious collections of linguistic and philologic significance, still under inventory. These include the papers of Giorgio Pasquali (partially catalogued), Pietro Pancrazi, Bruno Migliorini, Alberto Chiari, Flaminio Pellegrini, Gianfranco Contini, Francesco Pagliai and Franca Ageno Brambilla. The papers of Gabriella Giacomelli, donated in 2003, are already electronically catalogued.

In December 2005, during a public event organized to present the Accademia’s completed projects - «Navigare tra le parole. Dalle carte all’informatica» ['Sailing between Words: From Papers to Information Technology'] (Accademia della Crusca, 15 December 2005) - the Historical Archive was officially opened and named after Severina Parodi (1925-2003), to honour her work in developing the patrimony of the Accademia.

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