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Total figure of volumes owned c. 122,000*
consisting of:

Periodicals 780 (410 running)
Manuscripts 147
Incunabula 41
Collection of works mentioned in the various editions of the Vocabolario, Fondo dei Citati (project description in Italian) 1.684 editions
Microfilms 837
CD-ROMs 110
Special collections

Alberto Chiari Collection, Fondo Alberto Chiari
Bruno Migliorini Collection, Fondo Bruno Migliorini
Gabriella Giacomelli Collection, Fondo Gabriella Giacomelli
Francesco Pagliai Collection, Fondo Francesco Pagliai
Pietro Pancrazi Collection, Fondo Pietro Pancrazi

* When a general survey for the economic evaluation of the Library’s holdings was carried out in Autumn 2006, the total number of works was less than the previously indicated figure of 142,000.

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