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How to get hold of a copy
[ La Crusca per voi ]

For twelve years the Crusca per voi was available free of charge to those who requested it. Unfortunately, the depletion of the fund created in 1990 with the support of Indro Montanelli, through his "Giornale", the heavily increased demand for the periodical (due in part to the creation of the Accademia della Crusca’s website) and, finally, the worrying rise in the cost of publishing itself (the price of paper, typographic expenses), has made it necessary for the Accademia to introduce a subscription fee, beginning from volume number 26 (April 2003).

From January 2007, the prices for the Crusca per Voi are as follows:

  • Annual subscription (Italy): 15 euro
  • Annual subscription (Foreign Countries): 25 euro
  • Annual "supporter" subscription: 30 euro
  • Purchase of the annual bound edition with indices: 30 euro (years 2001-2006, 25 euro per year)
  • Price of back issues: 7,50 euro per copy (4 euro for subscribers)

The annual bound edition, containing the two biannual issues of the Crusca per Voi, is available from 2001 onwards.

The Accademia della Crusca and the Editorial Team of the periodical would like to thank all those who, in recent years, have voluntarily contributed to keeping the journal alive. If they would like to continue to support the Crusca per Voi through their donations, the Accademia would be very grateful.

The periodical can be obtained by phone (+39) 055-454277/78, fax (+39) 055-454279, email (, or by filling in this form (in Italian), and transferring the payment to the Accademia della Crusca’s postal account, n.13407507, specifying in the reason for payment the kind of subscription requested.

You will receive confirmation from us on receipt of your request. If for some reason you do not hear back from us, please try making your request again.

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How to get hold of a copy
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