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Historical Archive «Severina Parodi»
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The Historical Archive, dedicated to the Academician Severina Parodi (1925-2003) to honour her work in developing and first systemizing the patrimony of the Archive, groups together 1,450 archivistic units of documents, from its foundation in 1583 until 2003. The uniqueness of the Historical Archive lies in the types of documents that it contains:

Preparatory works of the five editions of the Vocabolario (1612, 1623, 1691, 1729-1738, 1863-1923) and documents relating to the everyday administration of the Accademia.

    Frontpage of the Giornale dell'Arciconsolato dell'Incruscato comenciato a dì 4 Settembre 1589

  • Diaries and Minutes from 1588 to 1764 and from 1811 to 1992, that keep a record of the intense lexicographic activity and linguistic disputes that kept Academicians and men of letters busy through the centuries. This material can be consulted also through the Accademia’s website, in the database (in Italian) La Fabbrica dell’Italiano.
  • Laws and statutes from 1582.

Minute of an Academic meeting at the end of the 19th century. Among the Academics we find the names of Marco Tabarrini, Francesco Bonaini, Raffaele Lambruschini (Historical Archive)

  • Catalogues of the Academics from 1582.

The first Catalogue of the Academics of the Crusca from the foundation of the Accademia in year 1582 with next to it the Catalogue of the Academics from a Codex preserved at the Libreria Riccardi… probably from the 18th century (Historical Archive)

  • Administrative Acts from 1812 onwards.

  • Letters sent from and received by the Accademia in the years 1592-1942.

  • Inventories, catalogues, records of library lendings and the register of individuals using the Accademia that document the importance and life of the Library and the Archive from the beginning of the 17th century.

  • Lectures, funeral orations, poetry and prose compositions, recited or read during public Assemblies of the Accademia from 1696 to 1889.

  • Material from the literary competitions that took place between 1810 and 1835, including the manuscript works of the contestants and documentation belonging to the jury of Academicians. This material can be also browsed on the Accademia’s website, in the database (in Italian) La Fabbrica dell’Italiano.

  • Papers of Academicians and Scholars (like Rosso Antonio Martini, Giovanni Bottari, Alessandro Segni, Giovanni Tortoli, Giovan Battista Zannoni, Gerhard Rolhfs, Flaminio Pellegrini, and Arturo Linaker), including boxes of various documents left to the Archive of the Crusca by Academicians or important men of letters from the 17th century onwards.

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