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Linguistic Advice
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In this section, dedicated to linguistic advice, the Accademia della Crusca's aim is to provide its users with a service that works on several levels simultaneously: an editorial board composed of linguists makes a preliminary examination of the questions that arrive, classifying them by subject and formulating answers that only in rare cases will be personal but will more commonly answer a number of requests simultaneously. The service takes advantage of the collaboration of the Centre for Advice on Contemporary Italian Language (CLIC): the Academicians and linguists who are part of it will supply the results of their research as short answers, articles, essays, and other material.

Issues of broader interest will also be taken into consideration, independently from the requests directed to the Accademia, with the aim of stimulating discussions on the salient features of contemporary Italian.

This section is in Italian, however any question or query relating to the Italian language can also be sent in English.

From 17 January 2006, for an unforeseeable period, the Linguistic Advice service of the Accademia’s website will be substantially reduced due to a lack of funds.

Users can still send their requests, which will hopefully be answered as soon as possible. In any case, you can find an answer to many linguistic queries in the two sections entitled “Domande ricorrenti” (Frequently Asked Questions) and “Risposte ai quesiti” (Answers to Requests).

Now more than ever the Accademia depends on support from financial donations. These can be made through the following bank account:

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