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Rules for Users
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- To gain admission to the Library of the Accademia it is necessary to present a letter of introduction from an Academician, a university professor or the director of the Istituto dell'Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI). An ID document is required at registration, a photocopy of which is attached to the readerís admissions file.

- Access to the reading room is permitted only after readers have stowed any bags in the lockers outside the room.

- All those who have authorization to enter the library, for short or long periods, have to write their name and surname clearly in the Register of Readers in the Catalogue room.

- Books removed from the stacks either directly or indirectly by users must be replaced with the correctly compiled pre-printed form. Up to 15 books can be stored at each readerís worktable for a maximum of one month, after which time they must be returned to the stacks. Books should be returned to the stacks by library personnel only.

- For those granted access to the library, external borrowing is allowed up to a maximum of three volumes for not more than one month, and is extendible to two months if the volume is not needed by another library user. An audit of external loans is carried out once a month. The following works are excluded from external borrowing: those printed before 1900, those consulted most often and those belonging to the following categories: dictionaries (DIZ.), encyclopaedias (ENC.), rare works (Rari, Inc.), works of bibliographic consultation (CONS.BIBL.), histories of literature (CONS.LETT.0), CD-ROMs (CD.), disks (DK.), books quoted in the historical dictionary (CIT.), books quoted in the new dictionary (CIT/1), periodicals (RIV.), degree theses and doctoral dissertations (Tesi), and books from the historical collection.

- The consultation of manuscripts (Ms.), rare works (Rari and Inc.) and theses (Tesi) is regulated by stricter regulations, given the fragility of the material. Access is granted on presentation of an ID document and by signing a registry, and only one work can be consulted at a time. In no case is the reader permitted to photocopy a work or keep it out on his/her desk, and it must be handed back to a member of staff every time he/she leaves the room, even if it is only for short periods.

- Those who work at the Istituto dell'Opera del Vocabolario Italiano can keep up to 30 library books on internal loan in their rooms, on accessible shelves. Books on internal loan are not necessarily unavailable for consultation to external users of the Library. If the staff of the Istituto need to keep a book on permanent internal loan, the Director of the Opera del Vocabolario can ask for it to be permanently deposited there; if the book turns out to be frequently required for consultation, the Accademia can consider the purchase of a new copy or its photostatic reproduction.

- An audit of the number of books on internal loan, and those deposited at the Istituto, is carried out once a year by library staff as part of the commitment to carefully monitoring the holdings of the Accademia.

- Researchers staying as guests in the guest-quarters of the Accademia can keep up to 6 books in their rooms on internal loan, during periods when the library is closed. These books must be registered by library staff in a special register.

- Requests to photocopy books should be directed to library personnel. Photocopies are permitted of books printed after 1900, in good condition and within the limits specified by the law. For books prior to this date it is possible to ask the Library for a reproduction on microfilm made by the Accademiaís trusted photographer.

- The microfilm service can only be requested for microfilms owned by the Library.

- To allow for the annual inspection of books kept in the reading room the Library closes for two weeks every summer during August.

- The Libraryís recent acquisitions are displayed, once indexing is complete, on the counter in the reading room and can be taken to be read, leaving the usual completed slip in their place, but cannot be borrowed on internal or external loan. The Register of missing books is kept on the same counter.

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