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Insegnare Italiano - Teaching Italian
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Following a tradition that has been consolidated over decades, the Accademia della Crusca considers it of utmost importance to maintain a constant relationship with schools, constituting on the one hand a point of reference for teachers and educators and, on the other, keeping alive the Accademia’s links with the linguistic reality of the younger generations and with the problems that might stem from it.

Already during the Presidency of Giovanni Nencioni, the researchers of the Centro di studi di grammatica italiana (Centre for the Study of Italian grammar), in collaboration with secondary school teachers, promoted the idea of conference cycles and periods of common research, open both to teachers and the larger public.

In recent years, under the Presidency of Francesco Sabatini, this activity has become more structured, finding valuable support in a convention stipulated together with the Direzione Scolastica Regionale per la Toscana (Regional Educational Board of Tuscany). In this way, courses are organized in which teachers from all over the region take part, with the aim of studying in detail paths of reflection on the study of the structures of Italian and the development of linguistic ability.

The aim is to answer the needs of teachers of Italian, proposing scientifically grounded models to make the study of Italian language rational and productive.

The Italian version of this page offers an overview of the courses offered by the Accademia, both currently and in the past.

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Insegnare Italiano - Teaching Italian
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