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Valuable collections of linguistic and philological value have been added to the original stock of the Accademia della Crusca’s Historical Archive during the 20th century, received in donations from the families of deceased Academicians or private benefactors.

The Modern Archive houses the following collections:

Flaminio Pellegrini

Flaminio Pellegrini (1868-1928), 11 pieces of archive material from the 19th and 20th century (manuscript notes, file cards, photographs, press proofs, and newspaper cuttings).

Giorgio Pasquali

Giorgio Pasquali (1885-1952), 6,000 autograph letters (1906-1952), catalogued with the software Aleph 300, waiting to be transferred to the Archive’s new inventory software.

Pietro Pancrazi in un'immagine giovanile

Pietro Pancrazi (1893-1952), 2 pieces of archive material from the 20th century consisting of manuscript notes, letters, photographs, and press proofs.

Frontespizio dell'Inno alle Grazie di Ugo Foscolo curato da Francesco Pagliai

Francesco Pagliai (1893-1976), 22 pieces of archive material from the 19th and 20th century including notes, file cards, exercise books, manuscripts, letters, photographs, and microfilms.

Bruno Migliorni in un'immagine giovanile

Bruno Migliorini (1896-1975), approx. 12,500 autograph letters (1917-1969).

Alberto Chiari

Alberto Chiari (1900-1998), approx. 4,000 autograph letters (1993-1995).

Gianfranco Contini

Gianfranco Contini (1912-1990), 50 autograph letters (1935-1974).

Franca Ageno Brambilla

Franca Ageno Brambilla (1913-1995), 10 archivistic pieces including study material from the 20th century (preparatory studies for publications, bibliographic information, and letters).

Gabriella Giacomelli

Gabriella Giacomelli (1931-2002), 11 archivistic pieces including teaching and scientific material, inventoried in the year 2005 by Giuseppe Giari, thanks to a donation from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia.

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