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The New Website of the Accademia

With the renewal and enlargement of its website (online since 1996), the Accademia della Crusca grants a worldwide public access to the largest amount of information possible about its historical heritage, its structures and its activities.

The Accademia also aims, through its website, to carry out another important task, that of offering special services, proposing material for linguistic reflection and creating virtual meeting points for users: it wants to give visitors to its website the chance of deepening their interest in the Italian language as well as their base linguistic knowledge.

The system is open and subject to constant evolution: every part of the website could be improved. But the structure of the website and the internal search engines provided give users the ability to browse its pages with speed and ease, as well as to make precise personalized searches, thanks to its data indexing.

We invite users to enter any of the sections they see scrolling on the upper bar, or to browse through the material on the website in any order they choose...

The Website
Insegnare Italiano - Teaching Italian
Europa plurilingue - A Plurilingual Europe

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